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Martial Arts Classes About Fifth Circle Martial Arts
  • Kids Class Ages 7-12

    While learning Tae Kwon Do and progressing through the belt system, students will begin the process of self-improvement. They will learn a wide variety of exciting strikes, blocks, and footwork. Classes also devote time to developing the students overall physical fitness and flexibility. As they learn the physical side of Tae Kwon Do they will also develop their minds, gaining strength of character, discipline and respect for one's self and others. As they master the art and build friendships with their training partners, they will acquire confidence and compassion that can last a lifetime.

  • Adult Class Ages 13 and up

    Learn Tae Kwon Do in a positive, supportive environment. Training in the Adult Class allows for more technical instruction and a level of comfort in training with peers rather than children. Relax your mind and forget about the busy world for an hour as you learn the art of Tae Kwon Do. Our program will allow you to get in great shape while gaining strength, flexibility, and peace of mind.

  • Little Ninjas Ages 4-6

    This class is a fun introduction to Tae Kwon Do. Kids will develop coordination, balance, and strength along with listening and teamwork skills through a variety of martial arts minded games.

    The goal of this class is not to achieve belts but to have fun and learn the skills that will prepare them to excel in the Kids Class Ages 7-12.

  • Nunchucks Class Ages 7 and up

    Much like the progressive belt system of Tae Kwon Do, our school offers a multi-level system of Nunchucks. Each level adds a new challenge with strikes, blocks, footwork, and the ability to put them all together in exciting combinations. Use of single and dual Nunchucks will develop superb reflexes, body control, and hand-eye coordination.

    Nunchucks sparring is available at the blue level using specialized, foam Nunchucks and helmet with face shield.

  • Sparring Class Ages 7 and up

    As you gain proficiency in martial arts it is important to learn to apply your skills with a live opponent. The best way to learn to read distances and timing is to do so in a controlled environment, with a trusted training partner. All sparring is closely supervised and requires proper safety gear.

    Tae Kwon Do sparring and Nunchucks sparring classes are available when the student reaches the required age and rank.

Fifth Circle Martial Arts is a school dedicated to the process of self-improvement. By learning our style of Tae Kwon Do you will get more than just a complete set of combative skills. It is our aim to see the individual grow confidence and strength of character to match their physical fitness and martial prowess. As we strive to create a better and better version of our martial art, we can help you create a better version of yourself through physical and mental training.

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